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The quality of service is second to none.

Anthony McDonald

Binginwarri Victoria

We make feed that is perfectly matched to your herd’s needs.

No two farms are quite the same, so at Southern Stockfeeds we craft customised feed that matches the unique needs of each herd. The following summary of our onboarding and delivery process shows our dedication to crafting tailored feed solutions and providing unmatched levels of support for our clients.


Initial consultation and herd assessment

We meet with you to understand the specific needs, goals, and concerns for your herd (e.g. milk yield, heifer weight, wool yield). Includes a detailed onsite examination of the herd.


Nutritional planning and feed mix customisation

Our experts design a custom feed plan, tailoring ingredients to meet the needs of your herd. Can include rations for different stages, seasons, or other scenarios (e.g. pregnancy, lactation).


Production scheduling and feed manufacturing

We schedule just-in-time production to for optimum freshness and quality. Our pellets, mash, and grains are mixed to the exact requirements of your herd and current situation.


Direct-to-farm delivery and ongoing client support

Your custom feed is delivered directly to your site, timed for optimal integration into your farm's feeding routine. We then provide ongoing support, reviews, and adjustments as needed to ensure optimal results.

The results really speak for themselves.

“The best move I’ve made: cows look shinier, colours have changed, and they are even happier.”

Two years ago, Robert King and his family embarked on a new journey into dairy farming. They purchased a 300-acre farm in Alberton and a milking herd of 180 cows.

When we asked Rob for some feedback on his experience with Southern Stockfeeds over the last year and a half, he gave us a wonderful account. So here's Rob's story, in his own words:

“My family and myself are very new to dairy farming, we bought our farm 2 years ago and we have learnt a lot.

“We bought our herd and kept them on the same ration that they were on when we bought them. Now looking back at that it was a mistake, the cows lost body weight and dropped in milk production. I just thought that was normal because of maybe the stress from moving to a new farm and climate.

“I was talking to a friend and they told me maybe I should give Jess May a call from Southern Stockfeeds to come and have a look at the property and the cows. I did this and Jess was amazing from the word go.

“He came out and saw the cows and said we definitely can improve the body condition and milk production. We sat down and we went through a ration, customising the ration to my farm and cows needs. Even helping us with how much grass to give, silage, and the amount of grain to give in the bales when milking.

“This all happened over 12 months ago and now I can say this was the best move I’ve ever made. Cows look shinier, colours have changed and they are even happier. Milk production has increased and even our fertility has increased.

“Jess has been there with us through the whole thing, stopping in and checking the cows, and changing the rations to what the cows need.

“The whole experience has been amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the service the whole team at Southern Stockfeed has offered.”


  • 2L per cow increase in average milk production

  • Improved health and overall body condition

  • Strong partnership with constant support

Robert King


“Since using Southern calf pellets we have seen improved calf health and growth.”

Jake and Courtney Vandongan of Vandongan farms in Leitchville know what it takes to raise healthy calves. But they also see the value of a dependable partner who understands their needs.

They found that partner in Southern Stockfeeds. Proudly using our calf pellets for over 8 years, the Vandongans have experienced a remarkable improvement in calf health and growth. It wasn't just a product; it was a tailored solution that considered every aspect of their herd's nutritional requirements.

Southern's commitment to providing simple, high-quality, and honest service resonated with Jake and Courtney. They didn't need flashy promises; they needed something that worked. And with Southern's calf pellets, they got exactly that – a product that performed year after year.

For Vandongan farms, recommending Southern Stockfeeds is an easy decision. It's not about boasting; it's about sharing a good thing with fellow farmers, just as one neighbour would to another.


  • Improved calf health and growth

  • 8 years of consistent quality

  • A partnership based on trust

Jake & Courtney van Dongen


“We recommend Southern lead feed pellets because they work, year after year.”

Grahame & Pam Jackson from Fish Creek milk 320 cows in their spring calving herd. For over a decade, they have trusted Southern Stockfeeds with their herd's nutrition, using our popular lead feed pellets.

The situation called for a reliable, high-quality feed that would enhance productivity and promote healthier cows, particularly during calving. Our lead feed pellets were not only appetising for the milking herd, but also rich in nutrients. The dedicated personal service from Southern Stockfeeds meant that the Jacksons had a partner who understood their unique needs.

The results were noticeable and consistent. Not only did the Jacksons experience increased productivity and profitability, but they also saw a significant reduction in metabolic issues throughout the herd.

When we asked Grahame & Pam why they have stuck with Southern Stockfeeds for over 10 years, they said "We highly recommend using Southern lead feed pellets because they work, year after year."


  • Increased productivity and profitability

  • Reduced metabolic issues through the herd while calving

  • Excellent palatability for increased intake

Grahame & Pam Jackson

Fish Creek

“We choose Southern because of their honesty, integrity, and consistent quality.”

F & E Gannon, part owners and share farmers with T & M Gannon, operate a 500-acre farm in Tinamba. They manage 500 cows, and for them, feeding the herd is a major task that requires the right partners.

The Gannons found their solution with Southern Stockfeeds. It wasn't just the range of products that caught their eye, including dairy pellets, lead feed pellets, calf pellets crumbled, oats, and vetch hays. It was the integrity, consistent quality, and honesty that Southern brought to the table.

With a reliable supply of feed and strong support from the Southern admin team, the Gannons never had to worry about their cows' nutrition. They found in us a partner that just "gets it" - a partner that delivers without fuss or fluff.

Recommending Southern was an easy decision for the Gannons, telling us "We recommend Southern because of their quality and honesty. We have had a reliable supply of feed and the support from the admin team is always good."


  • Reliable feed supply for 500 cows

  • Consistent quality product and support

  • Honesty and integrity in partnership

F & E Gannon


“Southern covers it all: from dairy pellets to hay supplies.”

Ian & Lyndel Cocksedge of Trafalgar are the proud owners of a milking herd of 320 cows with a split calving system. Having used Southern Stockfeeds for over 5 years, they've experienced firsthand the quality and reliability that we offer.

Understanding the Cocksedges' need for customised feed that would bolster their herd's productivity and health, we created a tailored pellet ration high in nutrients. This wasn't just about selling a product, but about working alongside the Cocksedges to ensure their cows thrived.

High in calf rates and overall vitality were the results, backed by our dependable service. It was an all-in-one solution, from dairy pellets to hay supplies, leaving Ian & Lyndel confident in telling us "Southern Stockfeeds can do it all, from our dairy pellets to our hay supplies, they cover it all."


  • High productivity through customised ration

  • Improved herd health and in-calf rates

  • Quality feed and reliable service

Ian & Lyndel Cocksedge


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