September 4, 2023

Stock Feed Product Range

Discover the Southern Stockfeeds difference: our range of high-quality feed products are expertly tailored to your herd's specific needs. From our premium, customised pellet feed to whole grains, protein meals and more, we're dedicated to providing the optimal nutrition your livestock requires for their best performance.

Railside Grain Storage at Southern Stockfeeds’ Feedstock Processing Plant in Bridgewater, Victoria

Customised Feed Solutions for Your Herd’s Success

At Southern Stockfeeds, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We produce a wide product range of premium stock feeds that we tailor to meet the unique nutritional needs of your herd. From pellets to whole grains, our team of dedicated experts are ready to provide you with a personalised solution that factors in your goals and the current health data of your herd.


Personalised Pellet Feed for Herd Health Based on Nutritional Data

Personalised Pellets: Our Pride and Promise

Your herd's nutrition is our primary concern. That's why our high-quality pellet feed is a cornerstone of our product range. We ensure that each pellet mix is:

  • Customised to each client, aligning with their specific needs.
  • Designed based on the most up-to-date nutritional data and your herd's performance goals.
  • Comprised of a balanced blend of various grains, meals, and cereals to provide a well-rounded diet for your livestock.

These aren't just any pellets; they're pellets with a purpose - to foster your herd's optimal health and productivity.

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Crushed Mixed Grains Can Make Providing a Range of Grains Simpler

Mash/Rolled Grain Mixes: A Blend for Every Need

Our Mash and Rolled Grain Mixes are another popular option among farmers. Made from finely crushed grains, these mixes are perfect for the young, old, or any animals with specific dietary requirements.


Wheat Grains Delivered Just-In-Time Through Our Solid Logistics Network

Whole Grains & Legumes: A Versatile Option

Our selection of whole grains and legumes includes:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Peas

These can serve as a great supplement to your herd's diet, providing additional energy, protein, and fibre to their meals.


Whole Beans Used to Make Canola Bean or Soy Bean Meals for Feed Stock

Protein Meals: An Essential Source of Protein

Protein is crucial to your herd's health. Our range of Protein Meals includes:

  • Canola Meal
  • Soybean Meal

These protein-rich meals support growth, milk production, and overall livestock health.


Almond Hulls Used as a Valuable Fibre Source for Feeding Your Herd

Fibre Products: Essential for Digestive Health

We offer a variety of fibre products including:

  • Almond hulls (Milled & Unmilled)
  • Hay
  • Straw

Fibre is key to maintaining your livestock's digestive health and overall wellbeing.


Mashed or Rolled Feed Mixtures Customised to Your Farm's Needs

Other Products: The Finishing Touches

Other products we offer include:

  • Palm Kernel Meal
  • Pea Pollard
  • Mill Run

These often overlooked, yet essential products, can help round off your herd's diet, offering a complete, balanced nutritional profile.


A SOuthern Stockfeeds Truck Driving on a Country Road Through Gippsland to Deliver Stock Feed to a Dairy Farm

You Can't Predict the Future, So Why Predict Your Feed?

As seasons change and new health and nutritional data becomes available, we adapt with you, ensuring your feed plan stays in step with your evolving needs. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, just-in-time delivery through our dedicated fleet, ensuring your livestock's feed is there when you need it.

Choose Southern Stockfeeds for a feed partner that’s got your back, understands your needs, and is driven by the shared success of your herd.

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