Herd of Happy Dairy Cows Looks Our Way - Feed by Southern Stockfeeds
Southern Stockfeeds Truck Delivering Feed to a Dairy Farm in the Gippsland Area
Feed delivery departing the Southern Stockfeeds plant in Bridgewater Victoria

When quality and service matter, you can’t beat Southern Stockfeeds.

Why Southern Stockfeeds?

Customised Pellet Feed

We offer a range of bulk stock feeds tailored to your herd’s needs.

Healthy Dairy Cows in Field Fed by Southern Stockfeeds' Customised Pellet Feed


Healthy Beef Cattle on Hill - Fed by Southern Stockfeeds' Customised Pellet Feed


Herd of Healthy Sheep in Field Fed by Southern Stockfeeds' Customised Feed Solutions


Closeup of Pellet Feed Custom Made for Dairy Cows by Southern Stockfeeds

Pellets & Mash

Wheat Grain Feed Stock from Southern Stockfeeds

Grains & Meals

Almond Hulls, a Great Source of Fibre for Dairy, Beef and Sheep – from Southern Stockfeeds


We’re all about service and client experience.

We work tirelessly to get the best outcomes for our clients. Product excellence is just the start; what sets us apart is our unshakeable commitment genuine one-to-one service. That's why our clients stick with us year after year.

Reliable Feed Logistics: Delivered to Your Door

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Custom Stock Feeds: Powering Your Yield

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Our Story

Feeding Victoria Since 2005

Born from a dairy farming family, Southern Stockfeeds has evolved into a major stockfeed manufacturer. Our deep-rooted understanding of farming needs drives our commitment to providing tailored feeds and unmatched personal service.

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