August 15, 2023

Strategic Partnerships

At Southern Stockfeeds, we believe that great partners are like good neighbours – there for you when you need them. We've formed strong partnerships with key organisations across the industry. These connections aren't just names on paper; they directly impact our ability to deliver tailored feed solutions to you.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships That Make a Difference


FeedSafe Accredited Feed Manufacturer Logo - Strategic Partners of Southern Stockfeeds

Feedsafe Accreditation

Quality and safety in what your herd munches on is our top priority. We're accredited by FeedSafe®, which means we stick to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice. What does this mean for you? It's simple – we're committed to quality assurance and reducing risk in animal feed. That's a win for your livestock, your farm, and your peace of mind.


Grain Industry Association of Victoria Logo - Strategic Partners of Southern Stockfeeds

Grain Industry Association of Victoria (GIAV)

As a part of GIAV, we're right in the mix with grain marketers, brokers, transport operators, and more. Being in this network helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the grain industry in Victoria. For our farmer mates, it translates to having access to the best grains and knowing what's happening in the industry without all the fuss.


Grain Trade Australia Logo - Strategic Partners of Southern Stockfeeds

Grain Trade Australia (GTA)

We're all about keeping things straight and fair. Our collaboration with GTA ensures we play by the rules when it comes to trading standards and grain contracts. For you, it's one less thing to worry about. You can trust that we're doing everything above board and focused on getting you the best deal.


Victorian Transport Association Logo - Strategic Partners of Southern Stockfeeds

Victorian Transport Association (VTA)

Farmers don't just need feed; they need it on time. Being part of the VTA helps us ensure that our transport and logistics are up to scratch. With over a century's experience advocating for the transport industry, the VTA helps us keep our trucks running smooth. That means timely deliveries to your farm, no beating around the bush.


Southern Stockfeeds' Bridgewater Feed Mill nestled amidst the sleepy town of Bridgewater On Loddon.

Bringing It All Together

We didn't partner up with these organisations just for the sake of it. We did it to make sure that what we deliver to you is the best it can be. From the quality of feed to how we get it to your farm, every partnership plays a part.

  • Quality Assurance: Feedsafe helps us keep our feed top-notch.
  • Local Industry Connections: GIAV and GTA ensure we're connected and fair.
  • Reliable Deliveries: VTA keeps our wheels turning.

If you've got any questions or need a hand with anything, give us a yell. Our partnerships are all about making sure we're here for you, ready with the feed and support you need to make your farm thrive.

No fluff, no fuss, just good feed and great relationships – that's Southern Stockfeeds.

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