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While Southern Stockfeeds has a range of high quality standardised pellets designed to meet the needs of many farmers, it is the customised rations, tailored to individual needs and peak performance that is our stock in trade.

Whether you are looking to maximise production, improve herd health or get your herd in peak condition for the upcoming lactation, our sales team has the experience and capability to help you.

If you prefer a mash mix to pellets, we can certainly provide you with that also. Speak to your local representative for a customised diet for your herd.

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  • Customised Dairy Pellets
  • Southern Standard Rations
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    • Late Lactation Pellets
  • High Protein Pellets
  • Mineral Pellets
  • Dry Cow Pellets
Southern Stockfeeds is a leading supplier of quality stockfeed to the dairy industry.

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