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Southern Stockfeeds orders hotline: 1300 783 088

Quality bagged, custom and bulk feeds and grains…

Southern Stockfeeds manufactures it’s own scientifically formulated range of bagged and bulk feed and grain products for the dairy, beef, pork, sheep and poultry industries.

Our products are produced at our own Feedsafe accredited mill using only quality, locally-grown ingredients and certified mineral concentrates and supplements.

We stand by the high quality and consistency of all our products, and pride ourselves on our on-farm customer service, including custom and bulk mixes, and our prompt and reliable delivery.

Our experienced representatives and field agents understand the commercial, animal health and technical issues that confront farmers, and can provide advice and information on getting the most from your stockfeed, and preparing custom mix formulations specifically for your stock.

When quality matters, contact your nearest Southern Stockfeeds agent, or our administration or management.

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Southern Stockfeeds is a leading supplier of quality stockfeed to the dairy, beef, pork, sheep and poultry industries.

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